Grand Cayman Anole

The Grand Cayman Anole is an endemic species to Grand Cayman. It's blue dewlap distinguishes it from the recently introduced invader, the Brown Anole, which has a red dewlap.

These lizards can be found all through Grand Cayman and is common to be seen around houses. They can be quite tame and if approached slowly you can get within inches of many of them. The males are a little brighter and larger than the females. But still, I find it still hard to distinguish at times which is which.

The beautifully brilliant bright blue dewlap is displayed when signaling to potential mates, defending it's territory or when disturbed by predators such as you and I. Yes, we humans do fall into the category as predators. It's sad that's the case but I'm just stating the facts!

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(Anolis conspersus)

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White-crowned Pigeon (Columba leucocephala) 

White-crowned Pigeon

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Grand Caymanian Parrot (Amazona leucocephala caymanensis)

Grand Cayman Parrot















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